Friday, February 20

What my daughter and I have in common.

At times....

we are both a couple of whack jobs....

Wing nuts.....

Freaks....what ever your pleasure is,
that is us.

Let's start with the story of me - you know,
'cause its all about me....

So today I am on Parent Link for the fifteenth time,
checking Hannah's grades.
I notice she has a 95 percent in PE.
Now, a 95 in Math, that's OK I guess. Even in Science.
But PE?

So I grill her ask her nicely about it when she gets in the car.
I say it a little something like this -
"How is it that YOU have a 95 in PE? I mean come on Hannah. You."
"You flipping swim 6000 yards a night and do dry land training for 45 minutes to boot."
"How do YOU not have 100 percent in PE?"

So she explains to me that she didn't receive her "points" for the day she
missed school to attend the Junior Olympics.

So within 3 minutes, I have typed up an email to send to the PE teacher
that went a little somethin' like this:

Dear Miss PE Teacher -

Are you kidding me? A 95 percent for MY daughter? Do you know who she is
and what she does everyday? Why she could kick some serious 8th grader ass,
and take names, even though she is a 6th grader. You think by looking at her, she
is some scrawny, skinny little wimp of a tween, but she's got some guns, girl. And
she'll use them if she needs to. Why do you think everyone at PE class goes
all ga-ga when she does more than 2 pushups? Try like 20.....

Give her the damn extra 5 points, will ya?

Sincerely yours - Mrs. Herbst

OK, it wasn't EXACTLY like that.
More like this:

My name is Gini Herbst and I am Hannah's mom. I was checking her grade today and noticed that she had a 95 percent. When I questioned her, she explained to me that she did not receive points on the day she was absent. She also explained to me that she had inadvertently forgotten to pick up the form needed to get points for the missed day. From Thursday Jan 29th in the evening thru Sunday Feb 1st - Hannah was competing in the Southern California Junior Olympics for swimming in Long Beach California, which explains her absence.

She trains every day for 2 1/2 hours and has dedicated herself to the sport all the while maintaining straight A's. We are both hoping that she may still turn in the form to bring her grade up to a 100 percent.

Now that I am aware of the necessity for turning in the form for points, I will make sure that in the future, if she misses because of attending a swim meet, she will turn it in promptly.

Thank you in advance for your time -

Well. I've heard back already, and my baby is getting her 100.
What's right is right......right?

So now the story of Hannah
and how I know she has a couple of screws loose.

This weekend marks the end of the short-course swimming season
(25 yard pool)
and then begins their long-course season
(50 meters, like the Olympics..).
My kid wants to go out with a bang so she has
chosen, on her own,
of her own free will,

to swim the 1000 freestyle (yah, that's 40 laps of freestyle),
the 400 Individual Medley (yah, that's 4 laps of butterfly,
followed by 4 laps of backstroke, which is then followed by 4 laps
of breaststroke, which is finished up with 4 laps of freestyle),
in addition to 5 other events........

and she is beside herself with excitement.
Who does that?



Allison said...

Thanks for the funny pics--they made me smile this morning. ?Hannah, you're a nutball. Have fun.

LaAna said...

Can I just say that Teni LOVED the photos! HE was on my lap and couldn't stop talking about them or laughing at them, so thanks. Good for you both for doing what you want and have to, to get the job done.

Jerolyn said...

I'm scurred....!!!

Denise said...

Nice to know that a Jr. Olympic athlete and straight A student can get a little nutty from time to time! I love it!!

hannah said...

we werent in the car. we were at home sitting and you were on parentlike and u saw that. i wouldnt even have a 100 cuz i got a 90 on that one paper. and for the record in science i have a 102%
somehow and i have a 100% in math. hehe.

Bill said...

Hannah... what do you have in spellin?? you guys are to funny!! Love you both..

Liz said...

omg - I can't believe your daughter is an Olympic Swimmer and a Straight A student.
Holy Shit.
You guys are awesome.

Kim said...

Those are some wacky pictures! Love them!

That ParentLink is a dangerous thing...God help Matthew if they have that here when he goes to school. Good for you for fighting for the 100.

iVegasFamily said...

LOL!!! Great pics. And what a dedicated mom.

peter said...

I love your posts!! I love your blog! I just love everything about it... from the colors to the pictures to the posts.

peter said...

this really isn't peter... it is noelle... can you imagine peter saying all that stuff?!! ha ha

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... can i pee my pants this early from laughing too hard!