Thursday, February 5

What it means to be the teachers pet.

a text from Hannah today:
i got strait as.
Okay, is it bad that her English teacher loves her?

I know that texting has become a whole other language,
but come on -
I got straight A's.
What's so hard about typing that?


LaAna said...

oh cum on, waz the big deal? lol

I think I hate to text because I spell everything out and it takes FOREVER. Maybe I need to take a lesson from Hannah and start short handing it....

Kim said...

As long as she doesn't write that way on her homework or on her tests!!

Anonymous said...

flash back Friday . . remember getting a note from you mom that allowed you to buy cigerettes for her at the corner store !!!

Can you imagine Hannah going into a 7-11 store now with a note saying, Um, I give Hannah permission to buy 1 cartoon of Marbolo light 100's as they are for me !!! The clerk would laugh their arsts off !!