Tuesday, February 24

Take Me Back Tuesday

October 1st, 2000

Connor's baptism - the after party.
Because when you are Italian there is ALWAYS
an after party.
After a Baptism and
After a Funeral.
This is my mother-in-law with Hannah (right)
and her cousin Jenna.
Both girls were 3 1/2.
Dang cute, weren't they???


Allison said...

TOTALLY cute. Ahh, this makes me want Angel Wings . . .

iVegasFamily said...

Wow...they look like twins.

BTW, my wife is Filipino. Her family has parties for EVERYTHING too.

LaAna said...

I think parting it up is a language we ALL understand!

Erica said...

They were soooo cute! What happened? lol
Great picture, great memories!!

Kim said...

Great picture! They are so cute!

Don't you think Jenna looks a lot like Garrin in that picture?

Liz said...

I was totally gonna say "twins", too. Very cute. :)

Denise said...

cutecutecutecutecute! cousins rock.