Tuesday, February 17

Take Me Back Tuesday

I didn't go too far back on this one -
But I was thrilled when I came across it
so I had to put it up.

Anaheim, CA
The Grove
A Seal Concert where they actually allowed kids.
We had purchased tickets that included a meet and greet.
We'd spent an awful lot of money that year
buying those tickets and "met" him numerous times.
Bill went once to HOB in Downtown Disney by himself,
and I flew to CT (in a fricken snowstorm) by myself.
Thus pretty much sealing our STALKER status.
So here you have my children and Seal.
How totally ROCKIN' is this???


Allison said...

I think you "SEALed" your stalker status when you named Garrin "Garrin Seal Herbst."

Okay, kidding, but I bet you considered it!

LaAna said...

WOW! Now I realize just how much you really DO love Seal. What an awesome picture to have, but I'm sure it's one of many adorning a shrine somewhere in your house.

Anonymous said...

AWESOME stalker Chick, and raising your kids to be stalkers is even better !!!

Denise said...

He seems like such a nice guy. Is he? Also, did he start to recognize you guys at the 'meet and greets'? XO

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

WAY rockin... girl... that is SO awesome!

that guy has some serious pipes!

Jason Roth said...

That is so cool!!!!

Kathleen said...

My brother actually booked the show at HOB and thought he was a great artist to work with.

It's always cool to meet someone you admire. Even better to get a pic of your kids with them. All you're missing is Bill in the picture and you'd have the ones you love the most (at the time) in one shot.

Gini said...

Kathleen - I actually have a "family" shot too!! tee hee

Jerolyn said...

I remember this photo...I've known you long time now! ha

Unknown said...

I don't understand the Seal fascination, per se, but I understand obsessions, addiction and stalking. So, I loved this TMBT!!

Anonymous said...

And do you remember the first time you touched him? Back in New Haven! that was some night!