Tuesday, February 3

Take me Back Tuesday

Williams, Arizona
Thomas The Tank Engine
I want to say 2003...maybe 2004?
1. I don't even remember Connor this little.
2. Where did he get that white blond hair,
and where is it now?
3. Holy crap, my hair was short.
4. Hannah wouldn't be caught dead on Thomas now.
5. Bill still looks as great now as he did back then,
"aging" has passed him by...for now.


iVegasFamily said...

They have a Thomas in Williams? I didn't even know. Of course, I haven't been there in about 17 years.

Kim said...

It's hard to believe Hannah & Connor were ever that little - they're so grown up now! I have some pics from the same timeframe (when we came out in March '03). I'll have to send some to you - they're crazy!

Great picture!