Sunday, February 15

Remind me to....

think twice before going to a kids show at the Cox Pavilion.
I am going to try to be nice here.
But I just got home from this show
and sometimes the words just spew out
when one is aggravated.

First off - we purchased 5 tickets to see this Thomas and Friends
show at the somewhat intimate setting at the Cox Pavilion.
Intimate is not the right word, when describing the very industrial
feel of the arena. Intimate meaning it is small - so most seats are good seats.
That's a good thing right?

So 1 hour before we are ready to leave Hannah and Connor
both decide they don't want to go.
Hannah has an upset stomach,
Connor is just being Connor. After all -
8 years old and Thomas The Tank Engine...
no way.

There goes 50 bucks right there.

So we get there and slowly, every one is filing in and getting to their seats
and Bill says - "I think the hockey games draw a better group of people."
oh, boy. He was pretty much on the money.

Lights dim and the show begins
and for the next 15 minutes that followed,
well, that's pretty much when everyone else decided to
come on in and my kid could not see the stage. Makes you appreciate going to a
show where they only let you in during certain times, so as to not
disturb. The rest of us folks that actually read the ticket that said -
SHOW STARTS AT 1:00pm, we were the losers in all of this.

And for the life of me I could not figure out why the nice lady sitting next to
us, stayed as long as she did, while her (4 year old??) son cried hysterically and
held his hands on his ears for at least 30 minutes.

During intermission half of the people with the floor seats left..
...........and didn't come back.

Then that same group of losers that ushered themselves in after the show
started, all left 5 minutes before the end of the show.
You know, the best part -
that my kid didn't get to see.

The only saving grace in this whole experience was
when we first went in and I brought Garrin over to the
souvenir booth - he said he didn't want anything.

I would have rather driven 5 hours to go to Arizona and see
the big gigantic Thomas, stayed in a cheesy motel,
ate some good diner food, and driven back home.
But he's not in Arizona anytime soon.

oh well


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

all i know... i am SUPER impressed you WENT!

the tough & sucky thing all rolled into one... you never know til you get there how it will be!

poor little Garrin... i hope he was able to see & hear a little over those rude... tardy... screaming crazy folks! :)

LaAna said...

Sorry that was so stinky! It must have been something bad if your little guy didn't even want a TOY!

Silver lining.... no older kids to have to listen to complaining about it!

LaAna said...
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Redhead in Vegas said...

Sorry that really sucks, but OH MY GOD how freaking cute is that video of Garrin. I just want to squeeze him!

Denise said...

Why do so many people suck??

iVegasFamily said...

My sister-in-law took her kids to see it too. They arrived late and probably blocked your view. We decided to skip it.

Kim said...

Man, that just blows. Sorry it was such a disappointment.