Wednesday, February 18

Our latest obsession

The word obsession when describing this household
is NOT always a good thing because at times it
may mean, tidying up the pantry so all like items are together,
and all labels are facing forward,
or that all my kids books are in their bookcase by size/author,
hard covers on one bookcase, soft covers of the other,
and that all holiday books are by holiday in the order they
land on on the calendar.

Facebook, in it's own right,
has also become an obsession around here.
I just can't seem to get my damn ass off of it.
Why? Dammit, why?

So Pioneer Woman had written on her site about
a game called Bananagrams
that looked so fun, I didn't want to wait to order from
Amazon, low and behold, found it at Barnes and Noble.
I think it was like $14.95 or something.
So stinking fun.
There is no playing against a timer.
You play with your own set of tiles.

And wouldn't you know it, my
I.Hate.Playing.Games husband finds himself in the midst of a good game.


You can still do things like
watch American Idol
House Hunters
and keep your brain from melting
from too much FB.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh we LOVE bananagrams!

i just love the fact you can grab & take it anywhere!

WAY sticken fun!

iVegasFamily said...

That looks like fun.

BTW - I'm obsessed with FB as well. How come you're not my friend yet?

Denise said...

I'm going to pass on this because I have an addictive personality and can't handle another addiction right now. FB is a time killer! XO

LaAna said...

Gonna have to try this out!

Kim said...

Gin, you forgot to mention that you can play it on Facebook. Good way to kill two addictions at once!

Liz said...

I hate Facebook and I can't get off it. WTF!?
I will look for that game at B&N next week when I spend my "Free Afternoon" strolling through looking for the next best Parenting Book!

katt said...

I love PW too. The easter bunny will be bringing this game, spreading all the little pieces around in little plastic easter eggs (he usually brings puzzles in the eggs).

Facebook is also an addiction around here. I guess there are worse things we could be looking up/at online

Chris said...

Wow very proud of Bill for playing a game for once!