Saturday, February 7

OK - so let's talk about this...

The bennies of green tea.
The aiding in weight loss.
Possible help with prevention of some cancers.
Lowering of the cholesterol.


Lemme just stop the here.
I'm drinkin' it for the weight loss.


Plain and simple.

And I'm drinking a lot of it folks.
A lot.
(I first need to get my buzz on from a full pot of Starbucks
because you can't get that jolt from a stinking cup of tea like you can
with a keg cup of coffee)

But after that you might as well hook me up with a
CamelBak full of the stuff. I drink it all day.

Now for me, drinking bottled water,
well, I get bored. So I look at this as
my eight glasses a day,
which may actually aid in my fanny in becoming
a more reasonable size for my petite 5foot 1inch frame.

Then you have pomegranates. Love 'em.

So bennies of pomegranates:
Keeps bad HDL from oxidizing.
Slows some cancers.
Improves oxygen flow to the heart.


I eat them because they taste good,
the are a challenge to eat which makes it fun,
the little seeds are so cute and juicy,
etc etc.
Lookie here.
It sucks, it just sucks.
What a disappointment. I was so excited to see this box
on the shelf. I am buying every imaginable brand of green tea
to find one that is fantastic, I come across this one,
and it sucks.
Any suggestions?
Loving the Tazo Green Tea the most.


Redhead in Vegas said...

Whole Foods makes a green tea with pomegranate and cranberry. It's really pretty good. If you really want to drink a lot of green tea get some mixed with jasmine. It is by far the most palatable. I am currently trying to kick my coffee habit, again. I was off it for about 6 or 7 years, but last year was just rough and it shows( hurray 20 more pounds, thank you white chocolate lattes from coffee bean and tea leaf) I am on a green tea kick myself. You know what they say about great minds....

they miss their coffee!!

Allison said...

Gin, I feel so bad that you aren't getting the results that you want. All that time put in with Carmen and you aren't happier with your body? You are so freaking cute. You should remember that. And I really think you look better at 40-ish than you ever have. REALLY and TRULY.

Maybe in a few years they will come out with a Green Tea with Plastic Surgery. That should do it.

LaAna said...

Forget the Green Tea! The answer is easy. Take down all the mirrors, cut out the tags in your clothes and poke out your hubby's eyes..... SIMPLE!

Kim said...

I haven't gotten into green tea, but I was excited when I saw the picture of the combo with pomegranate - LOVE pomegranate! That sucks that it sucks!

I say keep drinking those yummy waters from Costco and stick to coffee!

Gini said...

Kimmy, you know YOU love those yummy waters too!!!