Thursday, February 19

I'm sorry, Dawg.

It's just not workin' for me.
Well, let me take that back. Now its workin'.
Last night they got rid of friggin'
TATIANA on American Idol.

Holy cow.
Now I really haven't been watching much of
Idol this year,
as opposed to last year when I was ready to kick some
ass if David Cook didn't win,
and the previous season,
when I pretty much boycotted the whole enchilada
right after Daughtry got booted.
Let's get back to this lunatic.
While I didn't think the singing was anything spectacular,
it was apparent that in addition to her slight ability to carry a tune,
she had more drama goin' on
than CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York all put together.
Looks like your headed out of the Dawg Pound.


LaAna said...

That's EXACTLY (ok, maybe not exactly) what I said last night! But I want to know why that Danny guy's friend didn't make it through and she did???? Big mistake I think!

Liz said...

I missed it last night - but glad she's gone. I was concerned that she would make it too far because of "Vote for the Worst".
I have to say that I will probably not watch it for a few weeks - be back for the final 12.
So, I will take my updates where I can.

Chris said...

as little as I have watched this season, I did see how annoying she was and am glad to hear she is GONE!

Jerolyn said...

wAcKerDOO with a side o' NutS!

iVegasFamily said...

That girl is a total nut job!!!