Friday, February 13

Dear Garrin

Well buddy, you can't read, and even if someone
read this too you, you're too young to understand.
I want to write this down now, just in case ONE OF
MY FRIENDS can get this published for me..(you know who
you are...) and you can read it when you get older. With my
acting up, who knows what I'll remember down the road.

So you are three (holy cow). As is said,
proceeding each pregnancy and birth, you always
question whether or not you can love this
almost-here child as you do your already-here child.
You certainly can.
And gosh - 3rd time's the charm.
The distant memories of "My body is tired at 40 and
having a baby is not as easy as it was when I was younger"
have dissipated, and have totally been replaced with a renewal.
That is the best word I can think of to describe it.

We were blessed - Hannah and then Connor.
One girl/One boy.
Just perfect.
Whatever the reason leading up to the decision to have another-
well, we got so much more.

My life has definetely experienced a renewal.
Renew means - restore to freshness, vigor or perfection.
That is you Garrin. I feel that is exactly what you've been
sent to us for.

You are happy,
and did I say happy already?
That is the best part.

When we aren't,
you are.
And that makes everything all better.
Every time.
Without a doubt.

Happy Valentines Day, mister.
Can't wait to play our game tonight before bed -
"I love you"
"love you too"
"no, I love you"
"no, Garrin Garrin love you"
"no, I love you more"
"no, no, Garrin Garrin love you more"

"NO. I DO."


Kim said...

I can't wait until Garrin can read this some day. You've summed him up perfectly, Gin. I can't believe how much he's grown, and it really is amazing how he rounds out your family.

Love you, Garrin!

LaAna said...