Thursday, February 12

Dear Connor

I am writing this to you honey, because it is almost Valentines Day
and I wanted to dedicate today's post all to you. I want you to know
exactly how much I love you because I am very afraid sometimes
that either I don't show you or tell you enough.
So here goes. Why I love you Connor.

1. I love that you don't do anything you don't want to do.
2. I love that you think everything through BEFORE you do something.
3. I love that you work really hard to be the best at everything.
Even though you are pretty hard on yourself at times.
4. I love when you giggle. I don't think you do it often enough.
5. I love it that you share my love of taking pictures. And
challenge me to little "contests" on who got the better shot.
6. I love that you amaze us every day with your knowledge of all things
sports - even though that totally freaks me out sometimes. You
know stuff from even before you were born.
7. I love the look on your face, when I know something sports related,
and I surprise you with it.
8. I love when you forgive me even before I say I'm sorry.
9. I love when are the best big brother to Garrin when
no one else wants to be...(ahem...Hannah?)
10. I love watching you with your friends at school when you're not
looking, and marvel in how social you really are. I love hearing
everyone call your name.
11. I love to play the Name That Song/Artist game everytime we are
together in the car and how you smile when I get them all right (I Rock!).
12. I love when we are listening to music and you do the "robot".
The look on your face just melts my heart. It's the same look
when I play air guitar.
13. I love that you smirk when I tell you in the morning how much I
like the jammies you wore - when in fact you slept in your clothes. And
you never get the hint.
14. I love that you stand up for yourself with your sister. I try not
to take her crap either - ha ha.
15. I love that you love your family. Lots of boys just don't care, but
you do. You always find something that you have in common with someone
and make that your/their connection. You are very loving.
16. I love most of all, that you wear all your emotions right on your face.
No one ever has to question you to ask how you're feeling.
Happy Silly Nervous Sad Angry Unsure Proud
One just knows.

And I am confident that because you don't hesitate to show emotion
you will be the first
to tell me to go (beeeep beeeeep.........) when you get older.

And to be perfectly honest.
I will probably deserve it.
I love you more than sushi, bud.


connor said...

i thought u loved sushi more than anything

LaAna said...

What a great post. Connor is getting so big and what a cutie-pie! You're a lucky mom.

Kim said...

Another great post!

Love you, Connor. I just love watching you grow, and I'm so glad we can still stay close even though we're so far away.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Liz said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute that Connor replied.
Another great one, Gini.
Just think - some day, your kids are gonna stumble upon a bunch of CD's or printed pages (or whatever you are doing to save all of this - you're not just counting on the WWW to keep this stuff safe for you, right?) and they are going to eat this stuff up - you will never regret keeping yourself and your thoughts "real" for all to know and love in years to come.