Saturday, February 14

My love -

Happy Valentines Day, babe!

Oh, and too you too, Bill.

You know I'm only kidding, honey. Brad Pitt is ugly and we all know it.

Compared to you of course.

Anyhoo. I have made fun of you numerous times on my blog,
and all of our friends have brought to my attention how I truly
don't deserve anyone like you, because I treat you like crap,
take advantage of you, and spend your money like it's going out of
style. I say to that "Ha Ha. He's all mine. And you're just jealous!!"

In all seriousness, I think just as often, I have professed my
undying love for you, and thanked you for loving me unconditionally,
providing for us without hesitation,
and being the best ever husband and dad.

I think what makes you attractive to my girlfriends is the fact
that you are totally comfortable being in touch with your feminine side.
You cook, you clean, .....even after our big parties.
You iron, you love shopping just as much as the next girl,
you enjoy candles, and you color your hair.
You are a pro at ordering the special tea you like at Starbucks,
and always ask if I think your jeans make you look fat.
You drive a Jetta and talk on the phone all day long!
(ok - you're working, we can skip that one.)
You are in love with Seal and George Michael just as much as I am.
(just stay away from JT).
Your closet is filled with tons and tons of clothes that you don't wear,
and you have more shoes than Nordstrom.
You love to roam the nursery and buy plants that we can plant in our yard,
and enjoy using the new steam cleaner.

I'm just sayin'.......


I love you.

and I wouldn't have you any other way

Happy Valentines Day.


Chris said...

Happy Valentine's Day, you guys!

Denise said...

I love these posts to your family members - loving, thoughtful, honest, sincere! Great idea and thank you for sharing. XO

Kim said...

Happy Valentine's Day Guys!

Love you!

P.S. Gini, you are too funny!

Allison said...

Have a great day! Hope it's filled with lots of love!

Allison said...

OH! And thanks for the candy!!

(Yes, I had a piece FIRST THING this morning, with my coffee, thank you very much!)

Dennis said...

Gin: sorry to make you sigh - it was unintended.

Happy Valentines Day to the entire Herbst clan! That is, except Connor who took five of my hard-earned dollars this week thanks to the Bruins losing to the Sharks.

Bill: I was with you until the bit about the hair coloring - you're still the man!

Kim said...

Love the slide show and video. Matthew was watching the video and cracking up!

Brenda said...

I'm one of the girlfriends who's attracted to Gini's husband.... there, I admited it. No, it's not his devilishly handsome good looks or his smile or his "colored" hair, or his ability to order a fifteen word drink at Starbucks,... it's his HILARIOUS sense of humor! Yes, I'm jealous Gini. But, don't worry! I too have a husband who I love more than life itself, although he's not HALF as funny as Bill, he let's out a doozy every once in a while (a funny, not a fart) that will hold me over until I read one of Bill's comments. Happy Belated Valentines Day! :)

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i think i may love your husband... HELLO... can you say catch!

sure hope yall had a great v day!

iVegasFamily said...

You're funny. Hope you had a great Valentine's Day.

Liz said...

I ditto what Denise said.
Happy (belated) V-day. xo