Monday, February 9

Angels, Beauty, Babies, and Death

I am no gardener by any means.
But I do love my backyard and my plants.
Bill and I both really enjoy making it beautiful.
I have a little rose bush that is blooming and I have
been meaning to take some photos of these winter blooms.

Don't they look sad?
Just hanging their heads down?
There are always moments of beauty that tangle with a little sadness.
That's just life I guess.

Before I shot these pictures,
I had been catching up on a few of my favorite blogs.
This one in particular, which I read quite often.
Which then led me to this one.
I've not been able to read much of this story
the past week or so,
I didn't want to "hear" the words,
"experience" the sadness,
"feel" their pain.
What they've been going through is
But I did want to pray.
For them
and for the baby they just lost.
And as I was taking pictures of my sad roses,
I thought it would be so very appropriate
to incorporate the unseemingly
beautiful angel that sits beneath this plant
as I think about this story today.
I hope that this family finds beauty in their
life again soon.


iVegasFamily said...

How sad. I can't imagine anything worse.

iVegasFamily said...

I actually went and ready all the posts in that blog from the past two weeks. Tears were streaming down my face. How am I supposed to work now.

Redhead in Vegas said...

Cheese and Rice, Gini!
It's not even 9 am and I am a freaking weepy mess. I call for full disclosure in blog titles. Life is so weird and that is so sad. Never been much for praying but I will definitely be asking the positive energy in the universe to surround this family during this time.

LaAna said...

That made me hug my boys a little harder this morning. What really matters in life can be taken away so quickly. My own testimony of eternal families comforts me in times like these. I pray that that family may find the peace and comfort they need to carry on.

Denise said...

Not only are these pictures gorgeous, they express your sentiment wonderfully. XO

Anonymous said...

My prays are for the family. . I hope each and everyone of us stop and hug our kids today, look in their eyes, and know how blessed we are to be so blessed !!! In a blink of an eye, it can be gone. Gini, you did a beautiful tribute in your own special way . . I will look at that angel in your yard and always remember how life is so short, and we are blessed !!! Hugs to you my friend and hug your kids. . .

Kim said...

I just don't even know what to say.

No child should ever have to go through that kind of pain, and no parent should ever have to watch their child die. For the life of me, I'll never understand why things like this have to happen. Guess it's not for us to know.

Life is so precious. We can't waste a second, and must count our blessings every day.

God bless that poor family.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that precious Cora... wrapped in Jesus's arms now!

oh her family... we certainly have been praying for them too...
AND hugging our girlies extra tight!