Wednesday, February 4


I need to dial that number today
or you may be dialing
by Friday, if I go missing.
Missing under the mountain range
of dirty clothes that is gathering upstairs
because my washer is broken.
So here is my washer and dryer.

(note that, yes, they are hoo)
Anyway, a couple of weeks back, when I was unloading the
wet clothes into the dryer, something was just not right.
It looked like there was a lot of residue in the washer...
...almost rubber-like.

Then I came upon one of my bras.
One of my favorites,
ripped to shreds,
with one of the underwires
ripped out of it's little home -
the bottom seam.

So here are some underwires.
Now, baby, my underwires are not the cutesy little ones
in the middle of the picture,
but the gargantuan ones toward the outside.
And apparently it had a field day in my washing machine.
Bigger, isn't always better....

Many days later, and many loads later
I noticed a tear in the rubber seal around the door.
And then I noticed water on the floor that
had overflowed from the
"overflow" pan.

Then I left for California.

So my ever-so-handy husband,
examined the situation
and did pretty much what I thought he would do,

duct-taped the hole...

....with duct tape...

...that's not waterproof...

(but did match the grey color of the seal!!!)

That didn't really fix it.

I tell you with all honesty

that I am totally comfortable

with the idea of calling Sears
to come and fix the old

perfectly fine

washer that we have...
But next house.......
screw the game room,
screw the formal living room.
I want one of these rooms.


LaAna said...

So you mean to tell me that duct tape DOESN'T fix everything???? Hey you could always duct tape up the ladies and forget the bra..... I'm sure your hubby would be more then willing to help out with that project, and if it works for the stars.....

iVegasFamily said...

LaAna beat me to the duct tape thing. Have you tried kicking it?

Kim said...

How awesome would it be to have a room like that???!!!!

Chris said...

that is too funny

Liz said...

Hysterical post.
I had quite a washer/dryer/flooring debacle this past summer. I will find the blog link so that I can share again. I don't think we "knew" each other yet at that point. :)

if my response to your response sounded snotty, it wasn't - it's just simple and boring, not deep or private. Sometimes my mind just spills in that way. It's why I like Blogging so much. xo