Wednesday, January 14

There's no turning back now.

"Mom. Can you buy me some WATERPROOF mascara? This one runs when I am swimming."
She certainly doesn't need it.
But how do you say no?
Especially to a girl?
A girl growing up today?
A girl who is extremely independent?
A girl who is responsible?
A girl who is so flippin' cute?
or beautiful, should I say?

Console me, people.
I'm dyin' ova here......


Jerolyn said...

oh for Floyds sake let her wear water proof mascara...She'a good girl, she deserves it.

Jerolyn said...

then again, I had my drivers license AND my own car at the tender age of 14...yes, I said Fourteen, so I may not be the best judge.

LaAna said...

She sounds like such a good kid - a little water proof mascara won't hurt (says the mom with no girls)!

iVegasFamily said...

Again, I'm so glad I have sons.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

all i know you just scared me!

oh... growing up a girl!

she is SO flippin cute!

it's okay... i'm sure we did the same thing! i remember begging my mom to shave my legs... "but mom all the other girls are doing it"... :)!

Kim said...

I can't even believe she's getting to that age already. She looks beautiful, with or without it.

Denise said...

She is a beauty and you are screwed. XO

Tutta la Storia said...

You might as well get it because if you don't she'll manage to get it on her own and will just wait til she gets to school to apply it--like
I did, LOL.