Tuesday, January 13

Take Me Back Tuesday

yeah, that's a good name.
A lot of blogs have days like
Wordless Wednesday
where instead of saying something
they just post a photo.
Well, believe it or not I have nothing to say today.
Other than the fact that I am glad my son is not sick anymore,
I have it now.
(deep inside, every time my kids get sick, I pray
to God, to transfer the sickness to me)
God is good.
I always get it.
for not having anything to say.......
I am going to try to do this once a week.
Post an old photo.
Here is today's.

This, indeed, is one of my all time favorite pictures of Bill.
If you know anything about him,
he is truly in his element here.
Somewhere on the East Coast.


Anonymous said...

wow babe... you know me to well!


Allison said...

I have been scouring my computer for the rest of these pics--which were taken on the beach in CT during one of Bill's trips back East before Chris and I moved. I always liked it too!

Anonymous said...

I have more of them... play with my pig a few times and I will send em....maybe post on my blog.

Jerolyn said...

Take Me Back Tuesday huh? Well aren't you the clever one...looking forward to being "Taken Back"...don't leave out photos of yourself now!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I have gone back to this picture a few dozen times today... I really truly love the water, any body of water (even the Long Island Sound)I want to be, or I need to be near the water again.. to refreash the soul, clean the mind and re energize myself. It is a place where I can think of just one thing.. myself. a time to reflect, to make peace and plan my life.. Gini is so correct, my element is by the water, no matter the weather outside.. I crave this inner peace I get around this element.... now, those that did not know me all to well, know me a little better. Thanks Gini for bringing a little peace to my day. xoxo

LaAna said...
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LaAna said...

Great photo and story. The ocean is by far my favorite place to be too - must be the islander in me. I can't wait for summertime to spend all day there. I bet your hubby misses the water seeing as you live in the desert, but what do they say - absence makes the heart grow fonder....

Anonymous said...

Great picture...and you and I are very much alike in many ways, this being one. This made me feel more connected to you than I already do. Thanks to Gini for sharing and to you for being you.

Denise said...

Great idea - I can't wait to see what else you have coming up!

Kim said...

Great picture. Bill, this reminds me of all those Saturday trips we made to East Beach. No place quite like the water, especially the ocean.

Anonymous said...

Erica... thanks, it makes 3842 miles away seem a lot closer.

Kimmie... those were fun days. Remember the rain storm when we got stuck in that parking lot??

Jerolyn said...

Uh Oh Gin you better re-think Take Me Back Tuesdays, I think Bill wants to move 3,842 miles away... Buh BYE!

Anonymous said...

Just follow it up with "why we are here Wednesday". Jer, I'm all good here.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

now that is a GREAT pic!