Thursday, January 15

Never taken for granted.

That is one thing I have learned since
dealing with speech issues back when Connor was 18 months.
Having had to re-visit that challenge with Garrin,
Let's just say it was way easier this time around.
Knowing, is everything.
While Garrin has made leaps and bounds
when it comes to his speaking,
he is facing the same ol' same ol' challenges
that Connor did.
Things that parents of kids that spoke well
and right on target, never had to think twice about.
I was one of those parents for sure with Hannah.
I definitely took speech for granted.
For Garrin, he has two siblings to deal with.
And stereotypically has to stand up for himself
against two older kids.
Keeping that thought in mind,
it is hard for us.
Bottom line is - he is speaking (to them),
but we are like "Did he just fricken say that???"
When he says something mean to them,
instead of reprimanding him,
we end up turning around and snickering.
I chalk it up to -
he has a lot of catching up to do.
Catching up and giving his brother and sister
as much sh*t as they have coming to them.
"Get, get 'way from me!"
"Get, get out uh here!"

Lately I have found myself smiling and feeling incredibly
lucky to finally be seeing some results of all of our hard
work with him.
When they don't speak, it is hard to pinpoint
what kind of little personality they are going to grow into.
I am going to go out on a limb here.
He's not going to take any crap from anyone.
Watch out!


Anonymous said...

and so much like Connor, absorbed into the computer because he can not communicate effectively. It must be a lonely feeling when you can not speak what your brain is trying to say... He will grow up like Connor, very competitve and very self confident. Saying whatever he wants and to whoever he wants.

Kim said...

You guys should be very proud - you've worked hard with him and fought hard for him. Just like with Connor, I'm so amazed at how great he's done. And, I just LOVE that little personality he's got - so strong and focused. Awesome!

And Bill, you're so right. He's gotta just feel great knowing that he can get his point across. Such a confidence boost!

Denise said...

It doesn't always turn out like it did for you guys because not all families are willing to do all of the work necessary. You guys are wonderful parents and your amazing kids reflect that.

Amie Fagg said...

Gini, you and Bill are awesome parents because you take the time to do the simple and not-so-simple things. We miss you all and hope to have a big party when we come to Las Vegas this summer!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

He is so amazing!

I was wondering how you recognized that Garrin and Connor had speech issues and at what age. Ryan just turned 2 and she speaks a lot less then all of her friends. She won't say her name and doesn't refer to Lance or I (or anyone else) by name. She is so smart, she knows the alphabet, can count from 1-10 and 10-1, colors shapes and can spell for crying out loud, but really doesn't seem to be very talkative.

Anonymous said...

Amy & Wayne... Thanks! Did you say BIG PARTY!!!!! We can do something I'm sure.......

LaAna said...

Glad to see you're getting results. Hard work does pay off. As for the personality, I don't think the 3rd child has any choice but to be head strong and a go getter. I like that in a kid, even though I want to sedate mine at times!

Allison said...

I agree with Kimmy--you can see how strong and focused his personality is. The opportunities that you have afforded him to overcome his speech challenges are truly paying off, and you must be so proud of him! I know we are!

Jerolyn said...

I am cracking up AT THE TONE IN HIS VOICE! You were buggin' him...and he let you know under no uncertain terms to GET LOST LADY! haha funny~