Friday, January 9

I'm Good.

This post is for all the moms or dads out there who are
terribly hard on themselves at times.

Just remember -
there is always gonna be some
loser parent out there wayyyyyy
worse than you!

Police: Shoplifting mother caught with parenting book
Tuesday, January 06, 2009

A 37-year-old Oxford woman was arrested Jan. 2 for allegedly shoplifting a parenting book while accompanied by her two young children.
Callie Rough, 5032 College Corner Pike #38, reportedly entered the Dollar General Store on College Corner Pike along with James Rogers and their two children. An employee told officers the four seemed to act suspiciously while in the store, but it wasn't until they attempted to leave that she noticed Rough's purse appeared to be noticeably larger than it had been minutes earlier.
Rough reportedly refused to allow the clerk to search her purse, then ran to the back of the store and began unloading stolen items from the bag. As the four subjects fled from the store, the clerk said Rough threw an additional handful of items at her.
The clerk told police Rough had concealed wash clothes, small hand towels, a small rug and a book entitled "101 Ways to Be a Great Mom" in her purse.
Police located Rough, Rogers and their children running along College Corner Pike in front of the Hampton Inn. Officers spoke with the family and placed Rogers under arrest after learning of an active warrant out of the Butler County Sheriff's Office for a traffic violation. Rogers reportedly had a package of garbage bags hidden on his person, which he told police Rough had given to him.
Rogers was issued a citation for receiving stolen property and turned over to the Butler County Sheriff's Office. Rough, who had an active warrant out of the Monroe Police Department, was charged with theft and later released.


LaAna said...

What a double edged sword! Clearly looking at what she was stealing she needed items to take care of her kids, but COME ON taking them with you and lifting a parenting book?
Though I do feel good about my parenting skills now, thanks!

Jason Roth said...

She's a real winner. By the way, I tagged you yesterday on my sight. No obligation, of course.

Jerolyn said...

she needs to shoplift a shop lifting book...she's obviously not very good at it haha!

Unknown said...

LMAO at Jerolyn!

Today, I happen to think I am a FABULICIOUS mama... but I will refer back to this on my Off Days. Thanks. :)

Kim said...

A-mazing. Way to be a role model for your kids.