Thursday, January 29

I'll leave you with this....

This is a clip from Saturday Night Live
that I am just loving right now.
And I thought Bill would appreciate it
since it is his favorite song
and he can play it over and over
and over again, until we get home on Sunday night.

We will be updating this weekend
from the Junior Olympics!

1 comment:

Kim said...

I absolutely love this skit! I love when JT gets right up on her.

I heard a funny thing about it on the radio yesterday. Apparently, Beyonce was a bit unsure about it, so JT went into her dressing room in a robe to talk to her about it. Halfway through the conversation, he dropped the robe and stood there in just the leotard. Guess she saw how funny it was going to be and decided they should go ahead with it. I'm so glad they did!