Tuesday, January 6

I wish

that the media and the rest of this
celebrity obsessed world,
would just back the f#$% off
of reporting anything and everything
they can about the death of Jett Travolta.
While I firmly believe that celebrities
unfortunately agree to give up most rights
to a private life,
in the instance of death,
this one being the death of their child for God sakes,
how is it that the media can't let
these people have some semblance of privacy
to mourn?
Do I have to listen to the EMT guy, tell the world
what John Travolta or Kelly Preston said in the ambulance?
Do I have to see a picture of a wooden crate, with
the reporter saying "Could that be Jett in that wooden
Does the speculation of how he died have to
overshadow the simple fact that a young child is gone?
How about the ripping into the whole
Scientology way?
When someone's child dies, to me it
really doesn't matter if they where
Catholic or Jewish or
They are dead.
And let's not forget
to pre-judge them all
because maybe, just maybe
they didn't medicate him properly.
Are you kidding me??!!!
I am sad just imagining
what they might be feeling -
as a parent losing a child.
It chokes me up actually.
Mourning is hard enough,
it is a shame they are put in a
position to do it in front of the camera.
I'll leave it at that.
(I am now stepping down off my soapbox)


Jason Roth said...

I agree. It's pathetic how intrusive the media has become. Unfortunately, it's not all their fault. They're just feeding the celebrity obsessed American culture that seems to be fascinated by tragedy. I've refused to watch any of it.

Allison said...

I saw on NBC last night that they re-ran a clip from the 60s when Amy was attending her first day of school, and the reporter at the time said that was the last time they would be reporting on Amy for the duration of Carter's term because they were going to respect her and her family by giving her some space. So Brian Williams said that they were going to afford the Obama girls the same space. And yet, they covered Jett's death for more than half of the broadcast. NBC, you should know better.

Anonymous said...

Gini - - on top of your soap box is always where I want to see you !!! You Rock, my friend !!

Jerolyn said...

Not even gonna talk about it!

LaAna said...

I was thinking about that last night too. People seem to lose perspective of what's right and decent when it comes to ratings, money or popularity. If they would only stop a moment to walk in others shoes things might be different. Thanks for your "soapbox" moment. The truth is refreshing to hear....

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

leave them alone... darn right!
unimaginable to the core!

Kim said...

I agree with iVegasFamily. I'm not watching any of it.