Friday, January 23

I just love magazines.

Aside from the fact that about 63 catalogs come in
my mailbox everyday,
I most enjoy paging through and hopefully reading
the many magazines that I subscribe to.

Maybe you remember way back when,
when I was forced to asked ever so sweetly by
my just starting to fit in to middle school
daughter to help support her magazine drive.
After so many (I am NOT even gonna say how many)
subscriptions were sold,
they could take a limousine ride down to the Strip
and play at Game Works for a few hours.

I obliged.
She played.

It has been interesting how my magazine read-list has evolved.
How important is was for me to read
Glamour (in the hopes of picking up some must-have
beauty tips)
Cosmopolitan (in the hopes of picking up some must-have
"relationship" tips)
Bon Apetit (in the hopes of luring Bill to my house and my
dinner table)
and so on and so forth.

Now you can tell I am getting old(er), by what I am reading.

My favorite magazine now happens to be MORE.

All article titles contain the words
"over 40".
Doesn't matter what it is..
OVER 40.
and that would be me.
I guess either they figure
1. you are getting up there in age and don't know how
to do these things anymore
2. they are trying their hardest to make you change how you
do these things to not look like an ass anymore.

Another one of my favorites.
Women's Health

I mostly drawn to the
BURN FAT FAST title on each
issue. At my age, when it's not so easy
to BURN THE FAT - I wanna know how to do it
and do it super quick.
Besides that, it IS a pretty informative and interesting

Another of my favs.
Cause seriously.
Any and I mean ANYthing I need to get done nowadays,
needs to be done the most simplistic way possible.
(or it might not get done).
I'll never forget an article I read when the magazine first
came out.
Buy all white dishes. That way you can use whatever table
linens you like to change up the look.
We tossed everything. Bought all white.
Now eight years later - tossed those
and bought colorful.
Anyway - the point being -
real good tips,
easy, and they make sense.

And then there is O Magazine.
Where else can you get yelled at by Dr. Phil,
and Suze Orman all at once, feel like shit,
and then feel pretty stinkin good about yourself because
if Oprah can pack on 60 pounds and still be Oprah,
the 20 I put on, seems like nothin'??
And dang it, I am still Gini.

Since my commitment to being healthier from last year,
I have really gotten into reading
just plain old Health.
This is one magazine that I typically read cover to cover.
Of course there is always that weight loss story that
gets me motivated for like 4 seconds....
hey if she can do it, I can do it....
love it nonetheless.

This is a good one.
Family Fun.

Because you know we have so much time on
our hands around here to do something Fun
as a Family. It is a good read though. My kids are
at an age where the projects/trips/ideas are appropriate.
Sponsored by Disney,
so we love it just for that around here.

And of course my favorite cooking magazine
Cooking Light.

This was a great magazine,
back when I actually had time
for meal planning.
I remember trying new recipes out each
month's issue.
I still get and still love it.
Mostly for the pictures now.

So that's my read list right now.
I always carry one of these in my purse,
or in the car,
on the off chance that I will have time to
glance at it while
I am waiting to pick up my kids from school,
or the pool,
or sitting at a doctors appointment,
or dentist appointment.
That rarely happens,
in which I usually end up
sitting in my living room,
with a few candles lit,
I hit the switch for the fireplace,
make a cup of green tea
and read them all
cover to cover
in one night.

What are your favorites?
Am I missing out on anything that's out there?


Anonymous said...

If I recall correctly... I cooked for you.

I like Mens Health... 6 pack abs, all night best sex ever, male enhancement ads and of course my favorite.. this months article "More women seem to be wearing granny panties these days. What happened to the thong?" ... hey Gin, remember linguine with ya.

LaAna said...

WOW! I think you've covered all the bases with that lot. Although sounds like you should preview Mens Health before your Hubby gets it.........

Kim said...
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Kim said...

I share your love of magazines, and it's amazing how my subscriptions have changed over the years. My current list: Parents, Parenting, Wondertime, Gourmet, Bon Appetit, and my new favorite, Food Network Magazine, which just started up. Plus Dennis gets Newsweek, Golf and Consumer Reports. Occasionally, I'll pick up a rag mag or two (US, People, etc.).

I also now get ESPN the Magazine, which was ordered as a Christmas gift for Connor, but they screwed up and sent it to me instead.

Funny how we don't overlap on a single magazine - we should set up a swap!

Denise said...

I love, love magazines, too! I get The Week, Food & Wine, Design New England, Cape Cod Life, Boston Common, Cooks Illustrated and Traditional Home. Like Kim, I can be seen sneaking a People or US every now and then!!