Saturday, January 3

I am sad.

For one thing,
my little guy
hates (and hate is such a strong, but accurate word)
having his extremely
cute picture taken.

at eight is beginning to look too skinny
because he thinks if he eats too much
he is going to get fat. He said that when
we beg him to eat and eat and eat,
(all those "eats" are never all at the same time)
he is afraid he is going to get fat.
Not how I wanted my kids to feel at all,....ever...
and certainly not at eight years old.....
and I certainly didn't expect this from my son.

I was just having a conversation with one of my friends the
other night about the amount of food our kids eat (she has two swimmers,
as well). They are at an age where they can comprehend the
thought that they need to eat more than most people,
and that as long as they are as active as they are now, they
will continue to be able to eat whatever they want. We did agree
that they probably do not realize that the kind of food they eat
may not be the best food for them when they get older and are no
longer swimming 5000+ yards a day.

I am in disbelief that my Connor is afraid of eating, eating
too much and gaining too much weight.
I have tried to be so careful to not project negative body
image issues where any of us at home are concerned.
Where did this come from?
I feel I can only blame myself.
this one's gonna take a bit of work.....

And last but not least.
Hannah Banana.
Look at this face.
Does she look like she needs
this is a good one...
What the hell is going on over here!!!!
Where have my babies....
all three of them,


Kim said...

Garrin, please let Mommy take your picture so I can see you often from 3,000 miles away.

Connor, honey, you are so active, between soccer and swimming, you could eat McDonald's every day and not get fat. Please don't worry about that kind of stuff.

Hannah, my dear, I understand wanting to wear mascara - it's fun (even though your lashes are gorgeous and you don't need it!). But, your teeth look great. You don't want to use those things - don't you wonder where that stuff goes when it dissolves? Yuck!

Love you guys.

Allison said...

I blame it all on pop culture and the media. That's why I swore to never let me kids watch TV . . . oh, hold on a minute, I need to DVR Bob the Builder . . .

Allison said...

Oh . . and I just read the title of your post and now I am sad that you are sad . . .

Chris said...

1) Garrin, smile, we love your pictures.

2) Connor, order 2 double cheeseburgers like your uncle chris, hey, I still look good and I dont do anything.

3) Hannah, you are gorgeous and you dont need that stuff. You know you are, just look at the look on your face in that picture...

Good luck Gin!

LaAna said...

Such are the times! Those are hard hard topics to tackle, but you'll find a way to (as Tim Gunn would say) "Make it WORK!" I sympathize with you Gini.

LaAna said...

Sorry, they aren't THAT hard - at least not worth 2 hards - I over typed!

Jason Roth said...

I think it's tough being a kid these days. There's so much pressure. I just can't believe that it starts at such a young age.

Now I grew up with body image issues, except it was the opposite of your son. I grew up extremely skinny and only wished I could gain weight and be "normal" sized. Though I've learned to accept me as I am, I still struggle with this a tiny bit at 34. Hopefully Connor can realize that he's great the way he is and he has nothing to worry about.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

here too!
it starts YOUNG...
the only answer i can come up with... we're human... it's in us.
i just want to know how to get away from it.