Tuesday, January 27

Garrin and Eve sitting in tree....

Have you seen the movie Wall-E?
It was Garrin's first movie in a movie theater.
He just loved it.

Time had passed since the movie had come out,
and then Christmas rolled around.
He got many things Wall-E.
Coloring books,
and best of all -
throw blanket.

He got right into all the items -
all except the blanket.
It is a very soft, fleece blanket and here
is what it looks like.

For a while, Garrin didn't want it on his bed,
to be near it or to touch it in any way.

Slowly he warmed up to it.
Now he sleeps with it every night.
But it has to be "on him" a certain way.
When we cover him with it,
he absolutely MUST be able to see EVE.
See her in the upper right corner?
Yah, she has to be totally unfolded
so he can peer down at her.
Weird again.

So today, I am prepping dinner
and Garrin is at the kitchen counter
getting ready to color in his Wall-E
coloring book.
He opened it up....

and just stared at it...

for like 10 minutes....

just staring.....

at the uncolored picture of EVE....


just staring.....



at EVE.

Finally, he snapped out of it.
And began to color her.

(color her with beady red eyes)

A boy in love.
How sweet.


Tutta la Storia said...

That is the best thing, to read how much he adores the blanket. James is the same way with his Lightning McQueen blanket. At night, when I lay it over him, we must recite, "Lightning McQueen! He's faster than fast, quicker than quick, he's a FAMOUS RACE CAR!!!" Isn't toddler infatuation amazing?

LaAna said...

His FIRST love, how sweet! Isn't it funny what impresses them at that age. Maybe it's her small frame and round eyes. Teni has a crush on our neighbor, our 34 year old neighbor!

Jerolyn said...

LOVE the second photo. He looks so intent on getting her colored just right! Garrin is yummy...makes me wanna squeeze him!

Kim said...

That last picture is unbelievable. He's such a sweetheart!

Liz said...

That one of him coloring with his bottom lip all tucked in is awesome. Little boys are so stinkin' cute.

iVegasFamily said...

Nothing should ever get in the way of a boy and his...robot.