Monday, January 26

Chinese New Year vs. an American Girl

The Tao of Gini

Well ya'll know I'm not Chinese.
While I may enjoy a large serving of
General Tso's Chicken,
or Beef with Broccoli sometimes...
I mean...who doesn't?
But today is the Chinese New Year
and since it is, and my blog name is
derived from ancient Chinese philosophy,
I thought I would give a little explanation
why I chose it.

Tao [ tow, dow ]

1. ultimate reality: in Taoist philosophy, the ultimate reality in which all things are located or happen
2. universal energy: in Taoist philosophy, the universal energy that makes and maintains everything that exists
3. relationship between individual and universe: in Taoist philosophy, the order and wisdom of individual life, and the way that this harmonizes with the universe as a whole

OK - So when did I start this blog?
Late 2007?
So I was 42.
When you are 40, I think you actually start
to look back on your life.
You have enough years behind you,
to have had considerable experiences,
that really makes you,
become you.

I say now that my 40's are truly the best
years of my life so far.
Hopefully in 6 years or so,
I can adjust that statement a bit -
(insert 50's....).
Let me get back on point.
Why these are the best years.

Right now in my life,
I do not practice my religion.
I've got a bunch of excuses.
And that's what they are,

But tao.
Ultimate Reality.
Universal Energy.
Individual and Universe Relationship.

This is me.
This is how I live my life.
Though not religious,
very spiritual.

While living in ultimate reality,
cannot guarantee life is all glamorous.
It is what it is, and it's real.
There may have been a time in my life
where admission to the not-so-great things
about myself or my life,
would have been kept private.
But now. I guess I just don't care.
We ALL have good and we ALL have bad.
All of us.
And that's what makes it the ultimate reality,
doesn't it?

My universal energy?
Well, realizing that I can live how I want to live
makes my life happy and full.
Happy knowing that I have finally surrounded myself
with people and things that can support me
fully, honestly and willingly,
when things aren't so great.
I have always believed that we all have an "energy"
and I am fortunate to say my energy
has drawn me closer to a good group of people -
both family and friends with "like" energy.

And my relationship with the universe
has certainly become more fulfilled,
more meaningful.
My desire to give back,
give love,
to those who are near me.
Those within that circle

the yin and the yang

Right now.
I feel OK knowing that God still loves me.
That the way I have chosen to live my life
has been a good choice.
I believe we must all live in the reality of God's love
and his idea of what our mission here on earth is.
This IS The Tao of Gini.


iVegasFamily said...

Good for you. I think it's the ultimate way to live.

LaAna said...

Well then Happy Chinese New Year to you and your great taste in their food! I wish you the same when you do finally hit those 50's......

Bill said...


Anonymous said...

You are a wonderful, beautiful, loving, caring, honest friend. . . and I am blessed and honored to call you that !!! Your WW buddy !!

Kim said...

Great post, Gini. I always wondered why you chose the name, but for some reason, never got around to asking you.

There's nothing better than surrounding yourself with great energy.

As someone on the cusp of my forties, I hope to enjoy the same experience you've had.