Sunday, January 25

2 plus 2 equals 4, right?

It has been quite nice to see the kids take an interest in the kitchen.
They often ask to help out,
and often suggest cooking meals for us

Many a time, friends have been over and the second
they "are bored" they automatically come down to the
kitchen and ask if they can bake something;
homemade frosting.

So Friday was a dreary day (I am exaggerating),
it was raining on and off all day
resulting in an unmeasurable amount of precipitation,
but rain and clouds here in the desert
is quite a change to the usual cloudless sunny skies.

Hannah and Connor decided to bake homemade cookies.
They went on the internet,
picked out a recipe,
asked me if we had all the ingredients
in our pantry,
and proceeded to start.

I decided to "not pay attention" and see
how they handled things.
Toward the end, I got out the cookie sheets,
lined them with parchment, as Hannah read to me -
"roll each cookie into a ball and place on cookie sheet".

Pans are ready and I watch Hannah and Connor
trying to roll the dough into balls.
What I am seeing is dough seeping through their fingers
at which time I say,
"What the hell happened? I think something is wrong
with the dough. There doesn't seem to be enough flour or something."

So we look over the recipe.
2 1/4 cups flour

Hannah says,
"Mom, I know I did the flour right. I put 2 one quarter cups of
flour in the mix. I used the 1/4 cup measuring cup and put 2 of those in."

After I came back to life after dying laughing,
I explained that it was 2 cups plus 1/4 cup of flour.
If it was 2 quarter cups they would have just written 1/2 cup.

She has straight A's in Math.


Allison said...

That is so TOTALLY something I would have done--and I got straight Bs in math!! Those look yummy. I wanna pic of her in her apron, looking all June Cleaver-ish!

Kim said...

Hannah, we've all done stuff like that! You keep on cooking, kiddo! And next time you bake those fabulous looking cookies, ship some out here!!

LaAna said...

Another example of math in real life. Gotta love it!
Those look yummy though so obviously problem solved........

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

hannah... i am fairly CONFIDENT i have done that before!

what fun & what kids! wanting some good 'ol cookies... diving in & making it happen! now come to my house!

Jason Roth said...

That's so funny. We did the same thing on Friday evening. Chocolate chip, with nuts. Z-Dub isn't quite ready for measuring yet, but he did pour the chocolate chips into the floury, sugary mixture.

Shelly... said...

I used to bake all the time when I was her age too. Making those silly mistakes is a great way to learn and get better at it. The cookies looked good!