Friday, December 5

You're Welcome, Bill

No need to thank me for just being me.
A great wife.
A loving mother.
Good friend.

No need to thank me for all the things I do
for you, just because I love you.
Like turn your dirty socks the right
way before I wash them.
Put all your shoes away that you leave
Plug back in my laptop after you've used it
all night and drained the battery.

so on and so forth

No need to thank me for getting tonight all in order
so that you and I may enjoy an
its about friggin time
evening out without the kids at this restaurant:

DOS CAMINOS at The Palazzo

Just thank me for the simple fact that
before we dine on this tonight:

I made the choice not to have this:

for lunch today.

That would have been
I mean,
of me.


Anonymous said...

wait.. I had that for lunch today!!

Anonymous said...

I stopped turning the damn socks right side out, AND the shirts, pants.....she just needs to deal with it! lol

Kim said...

Hope you guys had a great dinner! And with no ghastly after-effects....

LaAna said...

What a good wife you are. I'm sure Bill knows it too, RIGHT Bill?!?! And he can properly thank you come Christmas time......

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

WITHOUT the kiddos... VERY rare occasion for us too! well... i sure hope you soaked it in GOOD... and had MORE than ONE margarita!