Sunday, December 28


When did Garrin become old enough to
help mix pancake batter
for breakfast,
get really ticked off when I take his picture lately,
drink hot cocoa
like a big boy?

is it 2009 already??
another year for my kids to get
And while we are on the subject of

I have to absolutely

without a doubt

stop eating.


Until next Christmas.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

laughing HARD... slapping my hands on my legs... could you be any more RIGHT!
i need a stop sign bolted to my HEAD... NO my BUTT... it is growing by the second! the FOOD... oh the food!
i am kind of STILL thinking of "going for it"... i am doing it BIG... eating it ALL!

one thing i know for sure... your Garrin... ugh... he put the "c" in CAUUUUTE!

Allison said...

Garrin is precious still, and cute, like the little boy he still is. We are in the "NO MOMMY!" phase here. And yes--there are about 50 snoball cookies on my counter--no, wait, make that 48, no, 46, ahhhhh CRAP!

Jason Roth said...

I wish Z-Dub was old enough to make our breakfast.

LaAna said...

Love the little helper in the kitchen! Time does go by too fast. Now just think, it's the beginning of his child labor years - there's a positive spin on it for ya!

LaAna said...
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Kim said...

He's growing up way too fast. Too cute for words.

We're thinking the same way in this house...January 1st we stop eating like idiots...

Anonymous said...

garrin is soo stinkin cute!!!!! and those pancakes were AMAZING!!!!