Monday, December 1


Dear Mr. Really Nice Orthodontist,
I thank you.
My husband thanks you.
My MasterCard thanks you.
My savings account thanks you.
My son thanks you.
My daughter does not.

Thank you for your honesty
when telling me this morning that
my son and my daughter
do not,
I repeat,
need braces.

My inability to sleep last night
may have had something to do with
the thought of having to finance
2 sets of braces
right before the holidays.

So I say to you.

I admit I showed much restraint in not getting
up from my chair and giving you the big
bear hug, you so rightfully deserve.

Hannah is a bit bummed, for now she feels,
not part of the "in" crowd,
and will not be making the obvious fashion statement
she so desperately wanted to.

Thanks for making the rest of my day

all my love to you and your family,


iVegasFamily said...

You lucked out. Braces cost A LOT!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Tell Hannah that her Auntie had braces--back when they were NOT popular! That is such good news!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Spectacular! It would be such a shame to cover up their pretty smiles.

Chris said...

one of your funnier posts, Gin!

Kim said...

Hannah, I totally understand! I always wanted braces, and glasses, too. So much so that I wore fake ones for a while (glasses, not braces!)

Jerolyn said...

Un-fart-u-nate-ly the same does not apply to Kaitlyn and myself...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

thank GOD for sure...
oh the thought!
hug that ortho man!

LaAna said...

Cheer up Hannah cause now Mom and Pop can spend that extra cash on REALLY good Christmas gifts, Right?