Tuesday, December 30


here is a quick little tag
from a blogging buddy
the instructions were as follows:
go into your saved pictures folders,
go into the 4th folder,
pick out the 4th picture,
upload it to the blog,
give a description.
So that's what I did.
Here's where the problem comes in.
I start writing the description -
which turned out to not be very nice....
and then I started freaking out a little inside,
thinking that this little 'not nice' description
(shame on me)
might be seen by someone who knows this person
that I was writing about so...
I deleted it
and changed the parameters
of the tag.
I went into my 5th folder
and grabbed the 5th picture.

The picture was shot almost a year ago.
January 13th at 8:42 am.
Hannah was doing a warm up for a meet at the UNLV Natatorium,
annually known as the Last Ditch meet.
Most kids swimming this meet have one
"last ditch"
attempt to make Junior Olympic time cuts.
She is getting ready to swim this meet again
on January 10th.
So what does this all mean?
It means I need to get this YEARS WORTH
of photos downloaded onto some CD's
in case my computer crashes.
That's what it means.
Not tagging anyone.
Do it if you like.
It's quick it's fun.


Jason Roth said...

When it doesn't quite work, it's okay to change the rules a bit. This picture works great. Good luck to Hannah on Jan. 10.

LaAna said...

Jan 10th is a lucky date - it our anniversary!
But now I'm curious about the picture. Must have been a good one!