Wednesday, December 24

A new tradition.....maybe....

Today ranks right up there with one of the
most stress-free days of all time here at the Herbst
We spent today baking cookies and making a homemade
soup for tonight's Christmas Eve dinner.

Connor could not have been more happy to be spending the
day with his best friend Sam, and we are not sure which was
more fun for them - baking cookies or playing Playstation and Wii.
OK - it was surely the video games, hands down. But baking cookies
was a close second to tossing a ball around the house!
Everyone got their hands dirty.
Here are our Snowballs,
the only cookies I remember my mother
ever baking. I admit it is hard to remember much about
my mother, but the cookies stand out....

before and after......

Stand out, they did. They were outstanding!

My mother-in-law wanted an oatmeal raisin cookie.
So I found a recipe, albeit, a new recipe,
in Sunset magazine.

try a new cookie recipe
a. for your mother-in-law
b. when you want cookie baking to run smoothly.

So here is the "fancy" German Oatmeal Cookie:

And here are the good ol' GOT-THE-RECIPE-OFF-THE-QUAKER-OATS-BOX
recipe. Traditional is always better when

1. It's for your mother-in-law
2. You just want it done, and done right.

Always make you smile, don't they???

Especially when you are butt-nekkid.

Thanks for keeping your clothes on, Meme.......
Happy Christmas Eve.
Off to wrap presents......
Bring on the Starbucks.


LaAna said...

Yummy! Those Snowball cookies look um um good. Now the first set of oatmeal cookies, well.... not so much. Thank goodness for redemption the second go around!
Looks like you guys had a wonderful Christmas.

Anonymous said...

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