Wednesday, December 17

Killing two birds with one stone

So while I sit on my butt thinking about "things"
and drinking a particularly awesome cup of coffee this morning,
I figured I might as well use my blog as a memo pad.

Now granted, my house is a decent size,
but I am expecting about 125 people that
RSVP'd to my Holiday Open House

in three days!!!

(now now -those of you reading this that are coming,
doesn't that sound cozy????)


This will be my list that I can refer back to,
to make sure it is all getting done.

1. Finish scrapbook for Connor's teacher.

2. Wrap and box up the 4 gifts that need to be shipped
to MA and CT. (those of YOU reading this, no I haven't
shipped yet, and the shipping charges are mounting each
day that passes.....)

3. Clean spare bedroom and bathroom to get it ready for Meme's
arrival on Saturday morning. (yes, she is coming in right before
the big party......what's one more person, right?)

4. Finish decorating the banister where the stockings need to be hung,
Fluff one more tree. Put tree skirts under those needing one.

5. Buy gift for Connor's teacher and then get down on my
knees and be VERY thankful that Hannah is in middle school
and we don't need to buy gifts for all THOSE teachers.

6. Buy gifts for two swim coaches. One by tomorrow night.

7. Order the food for the party.

8. Contemplate boarding the dogs a day earlier - they
are pretty much freaking out by now with all that is
going on.

9. Contemplate having a cleaning crew come in on Saturday morning
to ease my nerves and clean my downstairs - I mean really - with three kids,
three dogs and a fish - it will NOT stay clean if done anytime beforehand.

10. Mail additional Christmas cards to those that are coming in the mail
that I did NOT send out with the initial batch. I could say I was "waiting for
the address off the envelop" but the truth is - They sent us a card/
I send them a card. We all do it. I just admit to it.

11. Hit Costco on Friday. Hot cups, Milk, Water Bottles, Soda, Salad stuff,

12. Bake cupcakes because my very wonderful friend Yolanda "wants them"
regardless of how many other things I need to get done. (I do love you, Yo!)

13. Make cookies for Connors class on Friday for a cookie exchange.
and lastly for now:

14. I totally want to get the DVD that you pop in that plays holiday music
and shows a "movie" of a burning fire. I think that would be awesome
for my family room.

and just a side note:

Feel free to jump in
and tackle any number
of these items.
You know,
in between
sitting back with
your feet up on your
desk, checking your
Blackberry and your
Facebook and
my Blog
earning a living.

love love love


Anonymous said...

Hey - - YO made the blog again. . . does that mean she is moving up that Queen Bee chart? HEY - - blow kiss, blow kiss. . . guess who ???

Kim said...

Right there with ya, Gin... too much to do and not enough time (although at least I don't have a party to worry about!).

Oh, and BTW, I haven't shipped our stuff to the kiddos yet either...

Allison said...

A) don't you have a fireplace?
2) put cupcakes in the box you are sending my kids
C) make Bill fluff the tree and take a picture of him doing it--I think it would look hot given what his Facebook profile pic is!
4) wrap gifts for kids that Allison did not pay to have wrapped when she ordered them online

Hey, in the time it took you to write down that list, you could have cleaned at least one bathroom!

(sigh) Happy Holidays, Gini! Now I will continue reading blogs and commenting while my pile of laundry grows larger and LARGER, LOL

Denise said...

I say a double yes to the cleaners on Saturday! I wish we East Coasters could be there with you - it sounds like it is going to be a blast.

Unknown said...

I can't believe hiring someone to clean is even a question. omg