Friday, December 26

It isn't Christmas until...

someone gets an eye poked out...
just kidding.

No one got an eye poked out.

But seriously, it isn't ANY holiday, as a matter of fact,
unless I get a nice

cold sore.
(no pictures, please...)

It also isn't Christmas until,
you get numerous presents home to wrap Christmas Eve
and discover the security devices still attached.

Here is the other part of Coach Debbie's
Christmas present. Sorry Deb!

Looks like it would probably keep her head toasty warm
while coaching outside on the pool deck this winter, doesn't it???

And how 'bout this one? Security device left on the Razor Scooter-
Motorcycle Thingy that SANTA left for Connor.
yeah.....ask me how I explained THAT one to him.....

And as I was taking out all the stuffing (dang, there's a lot of stuffing)
in the new handbag that I got as a gift
so as I could fill it right up with all my junk from my old one
look-ey here:

I beep enough as it is when I go into a store, from my cell phone I think,
this is all I need to be carrying around....


If you can't enjoy a white Christmas because you live in the desert,
why not enjoy an enormous

A true sign from God.
and ON Christmas Day.

Our Christmas this year.
Filled with love.
That's all you need.
Love for sports.
Love for trucks.
Love for The Christmas Story movie.
Love for each other.
Love for family.
Hope it was all you wanted it to be,
and more!


Kim said...

I can't believe all those security tags - what a pain in the a$$.

Looks like a Christmas filled with love - just perfect.

Miss and love you guys.

LaAna said...

Bummer! Nothing says CRAP like getting home to find those things :(

Love the picture of you and Hannah!

Chris said...

Merry Christmas! That scooter looks like fun. Another great picture of Garrin by the way...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

ohhhhh... love all those pics!

COME ON sales people... people... PLEASE remove those things! THAT IS CRAZY! and the SCOOTER... COME ON! i can't believe the scooter!

even all that couldn't spoil your time... very special!

Jason Roth said...

Your Christmas looked awesome. Have a Happy New Year.