Monday, December 22

for lack of words

I know what some of you are thinking.
It's making me cringe a bit,
'cause I know your saying -

"What, you, Gini, nothing to say...??"

My gosh,
that is how I feel about my holiday
party on Saturday night.
Pretty much speechless.

It was much more than just

and full.

This is always one of my most favorite parties
that we have. Mostly because I really make it a point
to plan everything out so I can actually spend time with
my friends and enjoy myself without having to worry about
too much of anything.

I order the food.

I rent dishes, silverware and wine glasses,
that are delivered on Friday and picked back
up the following Monday.

Being as we don't drink,
everyone knows by now, to
bring along what they like.

Which leaves very little for me to
have to make sure is done.
Water, soda, paper goods.
That's about it.

So we had about 125 RSVP's.
And all I could do was step back
Font sizeand watch it all unfold.

For the 6 or so hours that we spent with our friends
all I kept thinking was how blessed I am.
Blessed to have friends.
A lot of friends.
Blessed to be able to open my home and
share it with them.
Blessed to be able to bring everyone
soccer families, swimming families,
old neighbors, new neighbors,
school friends, work friends.
Blessed to have the opportunity
to laugh and joke,
eat and drink.
Blessed to stand back and just smile
knowing that no matter what any one of
my friends may be going through,
or dealing with,
in their immediate "life",

that night,
Saturday night,
was all about

and isn't this the best time of the year
to celebrate your friendships?


LaAna said...

Very well put! I'm so glad you were able to just ENJOY!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

perfect... just perfectly said!

i am so happy for your & the truly terrific night! very special memories were made!

Kim said...

Sounds like it was a great night. Glad you got to enjoy it and not stress about every little thing.

Too bad the snow melted before your party - that would have been cool!

Jerolyn said...

Great food, beautiful home, and I stole a huge hug from Conner before we headed out...which was probably my favorite part (I love that kid) You looked beautiful BTW!