Friday, December 19

the calm before the storm

the night before the party
the boys are at a hockey game
hannah is in bed,
tired from just being hannah
(and everything social that goes along with being 11)
garrin is watching
The Santa Clause 2
(which I love)
i'm whipping up a few batches of
red velvet cupcakes
putting any finishing touches on the decorations
cleaning up before the cleaning lady gets here in the morning
hoping my mother-in-law's flight gets off the ground
with all the snow they've gotten today
happy to have done my costco run tonight
instead of in the morning
excited that i've discovered your own labels/schedule a pickup
for all the out of town packages to be sent
anticipating i will not be lighting candles tomorrow night
with the number of people that will be in my house
anxious to have all of our friends in one place
being together
missing those that are not able to be with us
i can't wait for this storm to hit!


Chris said...

Deocrations look great, Gini. Try to enjoy the party a little!

Denise said...

Have a blast and post a ton of pictures! XO

Kim said...

The place looks great! Hope you have a great party!

erica said...

Have fun! Glad mom got there in time...

LaAna said...

Hope you got a minute to truly enjoy those around you and soak in the moment! Merry Christmas Gini!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

red velvet... my FAV! ugh... killing me again!

well... all i know... your home looks AWESOME... & i am confident it was a TIME!

Liz said...

I just love your writing. You have such a deep, loving heart. I love you and have never met you. (But I have good references!)