Thursday, November 20

Yesterday's date

The nineteenth of November.
I needed to give you a visual on the date
before I start my story. See it on the calendar?


For Connor's swim group, we planned on a very
low key celebration for the kids that swam in the State Meet.
We ordered a couple of pizzas, got some juice,
and I picked up some cupcakes.

For those of you that read this and are locals, I have three words -

Vons on Stephanie.

Now I typically do NOT go to Vons, let alone the one
on Stephanie.
But it is close to the pool, and I had a limited amount of time
so there you go.
Vons on Stephanie it was.

So I ran in real quick to grab some cupcakes,

and grabbed what appeared to be the last two packages of 12,
from the bakery. Ran and grabbed some paper plates and wipes
and was on my way to the checkout.

As the cashier was ringing up my purchases, she handed each item to the
girl bagging. When she handed her the 2nd of the two packages of cupcakes, she
dropped it on the counter. Which kind of messed them up a bit.

With apologies, she said she'd call back to the bakery to get another package.
I explained that I was pretty sure that I got the last two, but she
checked with the young girl who was working back there anyway.

After a couple of minutes the bakery girl came over to the checkout,
with a package of cupcakes in hand,
gave me a "I'm sorry, tee hee" kinda look and said -
"I am so sorry, but these are still a little frozen."
So I replied -

"You are worried that they are still "a little frozen"??? I am worried
that they are from Halloween!!!"



Chris said...

I'm not sure how it happenned, but Stephanie is nice and so are all the stores on it EXCEPT Vons on Stephanie. That is the Ghetto Vons. I think we went in there once and never went back. I'm guessing you'll not be going back either.

Anonymous said...

that stuff was good!!!!!!!!!!!

Kim said...

That's unbelievable....

Maybe they were getting a jump start for next year....

Redhead in Vegas said...


Allison said...

OK, G R O S S!!!!

Jerolyn said...

Maybe those are Thanksgiving cupcakes. They look harvesty and fallish to me. I wouldn't have thought anything of it actually. What does that say about me? I don't care....I'm with Conner they look GOOOOD!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Connor and Jerolyn... good looking cupcakes... glass of cold milk and anything frosted works for me.

LaAna said...

Alright, but which cupcakes did you go with? The smashed or stashed?

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

what the....
did they taste good at least?

Shelly... said...

I hate that Von's and try to avoid it at all costs even though it's the closest grocery store to my house. By the way, if you ever need half n' half don't go there cuz they are ALWAYS out of it! :)