Tuesday, November 4

What's the date?

November 4th?
Well with obvious "limited time" around here,
you have to grasp every opportunity to get done
what needs to get done.
And what did I do?
I took the picture of the kids for our Christmas cards this year.
Because I will forget and then it will be too late.
And besides, I got a discount card in the mail today from Shutterfly.
Must take advantage.
So let me just say, it was a breeze this year,
compared to last years drama.
It took about 4 minutes and 8 shots.
Dang, I'm gettin' good.
So check out the shots.

Now really. Did you think I was going to spoil it?


LaAna said...

I think that photo would ACTUALLY work for my three! Good on you for being the early bird... and for doing Christmas cards at all.

Allison said...

Can't wait to see 'em!

Jason Roth said...

Looks eerily similar to our family pic.

Jerolyn said...

When did Conner start growing whiskers???

Kim said...

Good for you getting it done early, and easily!

Now, go vote!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you rock... you are WAY ahead!
i always dread the picture session... i become major
w i t c h!
"i said smile"... "what are you doing"... ugh... i hope mine goes as smoothly as yours! :)