Saturday, November 15

Wake Up Connor!!

This weekend is all about what Bill wants.
The Championship Tournament for The Scorpions.
He wants to take it all.

What did he say at the beginning of the season?
Let me remember....

"It doesn't matter if we win any of the games during
the season, I just want to win the tournament."

Yah, right, Mr. My-Team-Is-Undefeated-Again-This-Season.
This was poor Connor last night, while he was supposed to be
doing his reading homework.
A little tired from the swim meet.
He needs to recover
and help his father get
his wish this weekend.
Have I actually wondered for longer than 2 seconds where
my son gets his competitiveness from?
more to follow


Allison said...


A. Go get 'em Bill and Connor!!!


2. What the heck are you doing up at 4:45 am???!!! Are you gym-ing it this morning????

Have a great weekend you guys!

Kim said...

Go get'em Connor!

Have fun...

Jerolyn said...

GINI~for the LOVE go back to bed kitten!