Saturday, November 8

The "Suit"

Remember the suit that Michael Phelps wore for the Olympics?
Well, this is the OneStepDown from that one.

She does look adorable in it, now doesn't she?
That's not why we bought it.
We bought it for her to swim faster in.
NO, but seriously.
She is so stinking cute.
She is swimming the state championships.
She needs to swim fast.
Swimming fast and looking good doin' it!
Erica and Jenna (Bill's sister and our neice) flew in this morning just in time for us to say
"Buh Bye. See you later. We are off!"
Bill and Connor had the last soccer game of the season,
before the tournament starts next weekend.
11 - 1
A huge final win for the Scorpions Fall 2008.
Another undefeated season under Bill's belt. He's happy.
I am so glad Erica and Jenna got to see a game and what a psycho
great coach Bill is.
They got to the pool just in time to see Hannah swim her 500 (yes, 20 laps)
Took off 2 seconds.
Way to go Hannah and Connor.
Both kids swim tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday.
More updates to follow.


Kim said...

Nice job, guys!

Have a fun visit, Erica and Jenna!

Allison said...

Whoohoo, Hannah and Connor! In that pic of those two girls talking to Hannah, are they saying "Wow, girl, nice suit, all we have are these old Jantzen rags!!!"

LaAna said...

CONGRATS all the way around!!! Looks like things are still busy at your house. Are they ever not? Oh, and Hannah is too cute in that suit.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

YOUR kids... i just can not get over them! when they are famous... you gotta show your fellow blogging friend some love with some autographs! :)

that suit... caaaauuuute!
and FASTER... woo hoo!

Redhead in Vegas said...

They are amazing. Way to go!!!

Jason Roth said...

I see a future Olympic Golf Medalists.

Jerolyn said...

helloooooo? Anyone home?