Thursday, November 13

The State Meet

For a quick lesson in swimming -
This is Connor's "UP" year - he is at the top of his age group
This is Hannah's "DOWN" year - she is at the bottom of her age group.
Until they turn 13, they swim 2 years in an age group.
Things went accordingly.
Connor placed in the top 8 of his age group
and Hannah placed within the top 16.
Top 8 gets medals.
9 thru 16 gets ribbons. (yuck, says Hannah).
It was a tough time for Erica and Jenna to be visiting
because our time together was limited, but we made the best out of it.

At least Garrin being bored at the meet, allowed for some
snuggle time with his Auntie Erica.
With an average of about 35 11-12 year old girls,
Hannah placed pretty well, seeing as she will still swim in this age
group next year. 13th place overall is not too shabby.
She cut time in all of the events she swam,
and had fun.

Now my Connor -
well it was his time.

He has fortunately/unfortunately lived the past
few years in the swimming shadow of his sister.
Fortunately - because he is extremely competitive and
has been driven toward being on top like Hannah.
Unfortunately because he has not always been recognized
for his own hard work.
It all paid off for him this year.
Hard work, dedication and love for his coach.
He took time off each and every one of the
seven events he swam. Swam his little butt off
in his team relays
and took home 9 medals to prove it.
I have never been more proud.

While he loves soccer and is very good at it,
watching all his time put into swimming for the past year,
has really shown in his performance at this all important
State Meet.
Could he look any happier?
So that's what's been up.
39 hours spent at a pool
watching my kids tear it up!
Congrats Hannah and Connor.


Allison said...

Way to go kids! Connor--nine medals? That's crazy-GREAT!!! By the way, funny--James was looking at this post and I asked who the pic of Connor was and he said "Bill!"

LaAna said...

AWESOME kiddos! Bet those trophy cases are over flowing...

Kim said...

Great job guys! We're so proud of you!!

Love you and miss you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys! We had a blast and loved every minute of it! Of course we are very tired right now!! but worth it. Loved seeing the kids in action and Jenna had a great time with her cousins! Hope we can do it again soon...Love you all lots!!

Jerolyn said...

Whooo Hooo Herbsts' You guys rocked it!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!
truly awesome!
dedication... from EVERYONE in the family... you ALL are a part of your great family team!