Wednesday, November 26

The Opinions In This Blog Post...

do not necessarily reflect the opinions of:
anyone else living in this house
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any member of my family reading this blog
so on and so forth.

To continue.

Here is a picture of my kid.
Here is a picture of his new shoes.

Here is a picture of my kid wearing said new shoes
for school today.

He appears to be quite happy with himself and the Sketchers,
now, wouldn't you say?

Bought the new shoes on the insistence from Bill this past weekend
that he was unable to get ANY of Garrin's shoes on his feet.
Now, where as they may be a bit snug, it is not
anything that a mommy can't shove get their little feet into.
Just the same, it was time for some new kicks.

So off to Dillards, I go. Love Dillards because I can usually find
some pretty decent shoes that are on sale. I hate hate hate
paying full price for shoes my kids are going to outgrow in like
4 days. Problem is - finding the size which is limited when buying
them cheap.
So I finally find a pair that was available in size 9 and it took
the salesman about FOREVER 10 minutes to find them.
He takes them out of the box, (as I am drumming my fingers
on the counter) examines them making sure
they are both the same size (sigh....I am still drumming)
and then plops them down on the counter.
(now the word plops means he did not gently place them down onto
the counter, but did it with a little bit of force).
Which brought me to this:

This is why:









The time I had committed to Dillards had already exceeded my normal limit
and far exceeded my desire to spend one more minute there looking
for something else
and I needed to just get home.
He loves them.


Jerolyn said...

I'm SOOO with you on this one. We now have a 2 year old in blinking PRINCESS shoes. I hate Princess shoes and worse they falcon blink! Whadda ya gonna do?

Redhead in Vegas said...

Yeah, I put the kibosh on the blinking shoes. I can't be having a seizure every time she decides to tear through my house. On a side note, I went to the Gap twice today because the super cute slippers that I picked up for her were too small. She wears a 5 1/2 and I had to buy her an 8. Crazy!

Kim said...

I'm praying Matthew hates blinking shoes....

OK, and I love that graphic - are you falcon kidding me? I'm totally stealing that...

LaAna said...

I knew I liked you for some good reasons, and this is surely one of them! I have never been a fan of those shoes either, whether it's the possibility of causing a stroke or that it opens the door to those "character" shoes I hate, not a fan!

Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris said...

blinky shoes rock!

Anonymous said...

thats what you think,but I love them!!!!