Friday, November 7

Nothing says "NICE CRISP FALL DAY" like

a new argyle sweater.
Well....let's make that three argyle sweaters.
For the dogs.

Not sure why Lucy has her ears pinned back, like I just yelled at her or something.
Well, maybe I raised my voice when I said "sit". It is not easy
posing dogs for pictures.

How cute are Mick and Enzo?
Did I say Crisp and Fall?
yah....Garrin could care less how chilly it is.
Just underwear for him.

They are just little things and they do get cold fast.
Too cute.


Redhead in Vegas said...

Your post time says 4:00 AM. What's up wit that???

Such cute pics! How are your dogs with your kids? I really want to get Ryan a dog after my cats depart this state of being. I love the idea of an animal with very short hair that hopefully does not not shed enough fur to create two more in its stead.

Jason Roth said...

It's cool enough for the dogs to wear sweaters, but warm enough for Garrin to just wear tightie whities?

Nice looking dogs too.

LaAna said...

Okay, first, I'm so happy to see someone else putting sweaters on their little dogs.
Second, I'm even more happy to find that my little guy isn't the only one stripp'n down in fall weather!

Jerolyn said...

I thought you slicked back Lucy's ears for dramatic affect! ha~

Kim said...

Love those preppy puppies!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i'm stealing your dogs... watch out!

no really when you are back... i have some whippet questions!

Shelly... said...

Your Whippets are so cute! One of my Boston's needs to wear a sweater. He gets so cold, of course, we haven't turned the heat on yet. Trying to reduce the electric bill while we can! :)