Monday, November 24

Mixed Emotions

It certainly was a thought provoking trip for me
being that it is Thanksgiving time.

We are trying to be especially aware of things that we are grateful for.
So much so that I borrowed an idea from a fellow blogger,
who happens to have many great ideas,
and we created a Thankful Tree.

Each morning we all write down something we are thankful for.
It has made each and every one of us, stop, take one minute,
and think.
Which brings me back to my weekend back east.
How lucky am I that everyone gathered around me,
came together as one big,
happy, extended family,
to eat a fantastic meal, visit with the kids (not mine, whoo hoo!!),
tell jokes, laugh and love??
I know.
I know.
VERY lucky!
and VERY thankful!

Meanwhile back at the ranch -

Bill and the kids accomplished more Saturday and Sunday
than I do in a whole week.
car wash
clean bedrooms
clean bathrooms
I've deducted 2 things from this trip:
1. I am really just a lazy bum and that's why I don't get anything done.
2. I need to go away for a weekend more often to get my kids to do stuff
around here!


Kim said...

I love the Thankful Tree - what a great idea!

It was great having you - come back anytime! Nice job keeping the show running back at home, guys!

Jerolyn said...

Love the picture of your family...looks very warm and loving!