Tuesday, November 18

maid, cleaning lady, house cleaner...

Whatever you choose to call someone who comes in to clean
your mess and you give them cash...
Now I have in the past actually hired someone to do this for me.
But when it turned into complaining that it wasn't done how I did it,
or it took too stinking long and I hated having to leave my house all that time,
or I started "cleaning up" before the CLEANING UP LADY got there,
or I just plan couldn't justify the expense,
or I just couldn't imagine the cost of cleaning the big house we currently live in
without actually getting a quote....
I notice that I have been whispering to myself lately
"If I had a cleaning lady she would have to ......
clean all the drip marks on the wall behind the bathroom door
from when we wipe our hands on the hand towel,
wipe down the door from the garage to the house because of all the scuff marks,
dust the ceiling fan blades,
wipe down all the baseboards that I should have had the painter paint
a glossy white (like he suggested) instead of leaving them painted with the matte white
when we had the whole house painted before moving in,
clean each and every stinking knob on all cabinets in the kitchen
and bathrooms,
clean the window sills,
scrub my shower tiles with a toothbrush,
bring whatever miracle cleaner they use to clean my stove top....
dust the top of my entertainment center,
wipe down the banister, rails and treads on the stairs with a damp cloth,
remove the sliding waste basket in the kitchen and wash down the bottom
of the inside of the cabinet where it is housed,
clean the layer of lint off the toilet paper dispenser that secretly flies off the roll
every single time you take some and lands on the no longer shiny hardware"
And dang it. Aren't these all the things I see when I finally get ready to sit down
and watch tv or blog or check the kids homework or do something relaxing.
Is there a cleaning person that specializes in cleaning everything you NEVER EVER
get to?


LaAna said...

AMEN to that! I always feel like the worse cleaner because I never seem to get that "Deep Cleaning" done. Well, at least you're not alone....

Kim said...

I think that is one of your best posts of all time!

BTW, when you come to my house this weekend, you'll notice I don't have a cleaning lady doing those things either!

Redhead in Vegas said...

I HAVE a cleaning lady and she doesn't do any of that. Trust me, my baseboards need some work, too! Enjoy your life because when the kids are gone there will ALWAYS be something to clean.

Jerolyn said...


Anonymous said...

Funny you write this. . . I just paid my kids $.50 each to scrub my living room and hallway baseboards, and $1.00 to scrub the garage door inside and out !!! They immediately went to Target and spent their big earnings !!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you just crawled into my little head & pulled the thoughts right out of my mind!
where are they?
is there such a company... house keeper?
i need her!

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for all the good ideas on how to keep the kids busy this weekend while you are gone!!

Anonymous said...

This was great! and it's so true...but they never do clean as well as you do, do they?

Jerolyn said...


(Sorry Ellie's on my lap didn't realize she pushed CAPS! ha)

Anonymous said...

This post made me have to make my first comment - this is exactly how I feel ALL of the time! You put it perfectly from my brain to your blog!!

Allison said...

Man, you know baseboards make me nuts! That's the good thing about my rental. I JUST DON'T CARE!!!

Anonymous said...

no Jerolyn she is not.... you looking for a little part time job, officer?

Jerolyn said...

That's Officer NAUGHTY to you kid! Don't make me bust out my plastic handcuffs!!!