Sunday, November 16

I was afraid. Very very afraid.

Hannah went to a very unusual birthday party this weekend.
A scuba diving party at one of our local pools.

So if you have kids you may be thinking the same as I was.
oh no
not another sport
that these kids might
be interested in.
Being that the kids attending the party were all from the swim team
and love the water already,
I was wondering if Hannah would get out of the water
wanting to really learn how to scuba dive.
She absolutely loved snorkeling on her Catalina trip.

I was afraid for sure.
Not for the prospects of having to pay for another sport,
or find the time to commit to such a thing.

I was afraid all 70 pounds of Hannah was going to sink right down to the
bottom of the pool once the gear was put on her and she entered the water
and then not be able to get herself back to the surface.
Doesn't it look like the tank alone weighs more than she does?


LaAna said...

SCUBA is so cool! My Dad 1st took us girls when we were little and I love it! So..... how did SHE like it?

Kim said...

What an unusual birthday party. Did she love it? I'm guessing yes...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

a birthday party... who would have thunk?

i'm betting she loved it!