Tuesday, November 4

How often can you say this:

The kids had a fantastic dental appointment this morning.
Actually it was my boys.
Both had great checkups, even Garrin.

Today he had x-rays for the first time and was so cooperative.
I shot a quick little video of them with the hygienists.

Not too bad for a three year old.
Just laying there and letting it all happen.
Then the dentist came in to check out the boys,
and Garrin proceeded to throw up all over her.
So really - how often can you say your kids had a great appointment
with the added bonus of throwing up on their dentist?


Kim said...

Poor little guy. I love that they're in the same room together.

A woman that used to work for me once punched her dentist in the nose when she hit a nerve!

Kim Ryden said...

After all of that scraping of teeth, using that gross toothpaste, and sticking a million tools in your mouth...sometimes I wish I could throw up on the dentist! HA HA! That is a great story!

iVegasFamily said...

Great job at the dentist. I don't think I'm even that cooperative.

BTW, thank you for not showing any throw up videos. I just had lunch.

LaAna said...

WAY TO GO GARRIN!!! Now there's an image for your Christmas card! I hope he still got a prize at the end...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

noooo... he threw up! bless his little heart!
frankly sometimes... i think i could do that... when they hand me the BILL!

n said...

okay, so peter works in a pedo clinic on saturday and many fridays! He has kids throw up all the time, but thankfully he is quick on the draw and gets the garbage can in place... or the suction.

Jerolyn said...


Redhead in Vegas said...

God job guys, especially Garrin. I often wish I could throw up on my dentist. Thanks for letting me experience that vicariously through you! Love the new blog design!