Friday, November 14

"Houston, We've got a problem....."

To put it mildly
I've been a little stressed lately.

A lot I have done.
A lot going on.
A lot to do.
A lot coming up.

So I had been tossing around the idea of going
on a quick little trip - 2, 3 days maybe.
Some beach - lay around a bit.
read a book (I've two that I've started...5 months ago)
just chill-lax as my trainer says.

I opted instead to just head back east
to visit my sister and brother.
So I called the head of Southwest Airlines practically
Bill and asked if he could book me a quick trip to CT
Friday after Thanksgiving to Sunday.
Makes it easier for him.
The kids are off from school.

Call it done.

I am so excited.

1. One piece of luggage
2. No kids with me in the airport
3. No need for "101 Things To Keep A Preschooler Occupied"
in my carry on
4. A day without
driving to school
driving home
and then later
driving to school again
driving to the pool
driving to home
driving to school again
driving home
driving to another pool
driving to the first pool
driving home
driving back down to the 2nd pool
driving home. ***


Bill and I ran out last night to run a couple of errands
and I was thanking him for traveling so much for his job so we
can get free travel vouchers booking my trip.
He was happy to have been able to use a ticket that had to be
used by November 27th.
The day after Thanksgiving is November 28th.
He booked me a week early.......
So I guess I'll see you NEXT week guys!

***this is why I am thrilled that gas is now $2.39 a gallon


Jerolyn said...

I thought you were gonna ask if I wanted to come along to the beach w/ya. DAMN!

Tell the fam hello from us. Smell Ella's neck for me too!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

well good for you girl! enjoy and do some serious "chill-laxing"!

and hey... does Bill work for SWA?
my mom retired from them & so did my uncle.

LaAna said...

GOOD-FOR-YOU!!! Enjoy and chillax all you can so you can enjoy the holidays...

Gini said...

Carissa - if Bill is not home he is on some Southwest airplane flying somewhere to do his job. So he might as well work for them!!!

Jason Roth said...

Have fun!!!

Chris said...

can't wait for you to babysit, i mean visit.

Kim said...

Can't wait to see you. I could get used to this business of seeing you every month!

BTW, gas is $1.99 a gallon here now...gotta love Massachusetts!