Thursday, November 6

The Election, Choice and Education

While Barack Obama was not my choice for president,
I will say that I am proud to be the mother to 2 kids
who showed interest and support for this election.
Both Hannah and Connor had opinions on why they
thought that Obama would make a good president.
They watched the news and read articles, asked a lot of
questions and formed very thought-out 8 year old and
11 year old conclusions for their choice.

Being Connor's first day back to school after Track
break, one of their writing assignments was "What
Would You Do If You Were President." Connor wrote a
terrific paragraph, based on the changes that Obama promises
to bring to the country. He would do things very similarly.
Nice to see that all his 'paying attention' stuck in his head.

He then was asked to write 5 facts about Obama for extra
credit. (Now we are talking about a kid who balks at doing
the mandatory work, let alone extra credit work). He was so
excited. A few things he knew off the top of his head.

1. Obama is the first African American to be elected president.
2. His mother was white, his father was black.

Then he wanted to google Obama Facts to get a few more. We
talked about going to websites that were printing actual facts
and how you needed to be careful about finding good websites.

so - I left him at the computer to finish up.

He came up with -
3. He was born in Hawaii.
4. His grandmother died the day before the election.

and lastly (as he is reading this to me....)

5. "It says he smoked, I don't know how you say it, Mary Ja Wanna??"

So there you have it. Our freedom of choice makes for great
education for our youth, doesn't it?

Yeah, that was a conversation I didn't want to have with him
yet - though now I was obligated to.

We then decided it would be much better to state that Obama actually
smokes cigarettes and should quit because there is no smoking allowed
in the White House.

Which brings me to a funny conversation I was having with
my sister yesterday. I told her that one of the bigger issues here
in Nevada is funding for education
and that we needed to vote "yes"
to the imposition of a room tax to help lessen our already deep budget cuts
to our schools. So I told her when she comes to visit
and stays in a hotel, it will help my kids out!

So she said, in her state of Massachusetts:

"Question 2's passage authorizes the decriminalization of small amounts of
marijuana," I can visit and smoke a little pot and not
get into too much trouble.......

I guess Barack Obama can too.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

Mary Ja Wanna... sooooo funny!

what kids you are raising! THAT IS the key... that self pride... self drive... in diving in & learning for yourself! You've got some eager kiddos there... so awesome!

Kim said...


BTW, are you trying to tell me that next time we come out, we're staying in a hotel??!! Or are you going to start charging a room tax on the front spare room??

Nice job, Hannah and Connor! Anytime you want to talk politics, just give me or Uncle Dennis a call!

Anonymous said...

It is so freshing to laugh my A$$ off sitting at my desk and my co-workers are like ????? I shared this funny story with them today . . . They loved it !!!

Anonymous said...

refreshing . . . I heard re-tard was not a PC word so I guess I am dropping re from everything now. . . yes, I am a tard !!!