Monday, October 6

What the heck is going on with the weather?

OK - so the temps dropped (plummeted, more like it)
about 20 degrees in a couple of days.

Sunday was only in the upper 70's by the afternoon.
What's a family to do that lives in the desert heat?

Go to the park.

So yes folks.
We do have parks.
We do have full grown trees.
We do have grass that is green.

Do I have any of these things in my yard?
But that's ok. That's what the park is for.

Here are the kids, having a good ol' time.

OK - she learned "the arms" thing from me. Probably not the BEST thing
I've taught her. I do "the arms" a LOT!

Back to the fun.
A little love after a boo boo.

Oh my. They actually DO get along on occasion.

Maybe they are a little lightheaded from the smell
of freshly cut grass.

Missed you Bill. Hope Ohio is brrrrrr...ight and clear.

Fun day!


Jerolyn said...

Hannah would like to welcome you all to the GUN SHOW! Hello Miss I am all muscle.

p.s. Katie and Ellie do the arm thing too. I guess I do too now that I think about it~oops

LaAna said...

Love Green Valley parks! Your kids are getting so big, oh how fast time flys...

Kim said...

Looks like a fun day - LOVE the pictures!

Better get those temps back up there when we come out. Mid-80s would be great, thank you very much.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

and that grass is still so GREEN!

it IS getting so cold! i think i'm ready.

your hubby's gone... mine too!

Kim said...

My post is up!

Jerolyn said...

My post is up too!

Jason Roth said...

Our Sunday was of parks and fun too. Gotta love real fall weather.