Tuesday, October 7

The Visit

"When do they get here?"
"What time is their flight?"
"How long are they staying?"
"How many more days?"
"Can I go with you to the airport?"

My sister Kimmy, her husband Dennis and their baby Matthew
are coming for a visit.

They haven't been out here in a couple of years.
I am excited to finally meet my nephew,
and they are excited to see how big my kids have gotten.
(and then they will call their pediatrician for the magic pill
that keeps babies, babies forever.....)
Found these old pictures of a visit they made out here a while back.

No, that isn't Garrin.....

Wow, how young Dennis Hannah looks!!!

See you tonight guys!


Kim said...

Holy hair!!!!!

We can't even wait! We are so very, very excited!

Allison said...

There's the Julia Roberts my Grandfather still asks me about! Have fun guys!

Jerolyn said...

Crap Allison beat me to the Julia Roberts reference!!haha

I'm sure you two will have a great visit.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh girl... you are going to have fun!
that is the best ever!
get lots of pics of those cousins together!

Redhead in Vegas said...

OK Gini-
It's been about 12-16 hours since Kim and family arrived.

Where are the pics?

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

are yall having some serious fun or what! enjoy :)

Allison said...


Anonymous said...

great pics of Dennis and crew coming soon...