Saturday, October 11

Today's Update

is being brought to you by
my sister
because ordinarily I would be reporting on the
successful, winning soccer game
Connor played today, that Kimmy and Dennis got to attend,


last night, Garrin


drove the porcelain bus/

did the technicolor yawn/

laughed at the ground/

talked to Ralph on the big white telephone/

called Captain Nemo

You get my point. We didn't make the soccer game.

Did you ever realize how many slang words/phrases
there are for vomiting?
Anyhoo - visit my sister's blog here.


Kim said...

I love "Called Captain Nemo"! Another fave is "Worshipping at the porcelain altar".

And yes, for those of you reading both of our blogs, we are sitting across from each other in the living room blogging simultaneously!

Gini said...

Can you move your feet so I can see the TV, Kimmy?

Kim said...

And yes, we are thoroughly amused with ourselves!!

Jerolyn said...

barf, expel, puke, heave, spew, regurgitate, throw up, retch, upchuck, purge, toss your cookies, lose your lunch....

K' I'm done, and boy do I feel better!

Allison said...

Awwwwww, Garrin! No Hash House for you? Gini--is your wireless gettin' a work out, or what??

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

oh my word... some new ones there!

hope all is well today!